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Caricatures LIVE!



We give individual attention to each drawing, whether you have ordered a Master Portrait or an economical Cartoon Portrait. We use no templates, no formulas; you get a truly individualized drawing! We can offer straight portrait drawing (in a cartoon setting), or the notable exaggerations expected in caricatures. Gene is a classically trained portrait artist, so in straight portrait drawing, LIKENESSES ARE GUARANTEED! 

Master Portraiture

$1,000 to $2,500

MASTER PORTRAITS I do these renderings with ink strokes from an old-fashioned hand-held steel nibbed pen of a 150-year-old design. I pay close attention to detail and originality, after hours spent researching highlights that are then worked into the

Character Portraits


CHARACTER PORTRAITS   I render these in colored pencil, pastels, color sticks, occasional touches of art marker or ink. They are informal and yet intricate, full of details and yet casual and breezy. Gentle exaggeration leaves everybody smiling! And of course, LIKENESSES ARE GUARANTEED!

Cartoon Portraits


CARTOON PORTRAITS ARE SIMPLY FUN!  We don’t make them too fancy, they are inexpensive, AND each is UNIQUE in itself; no two are alike! Your gift will not be upstaged! The portraits are silly, teasing, clever, individualized, kind and based entirely upon who the person is! We have a special ability to take everyday facts about, and habits of, “regular” people, and create a drawing that is cleverly themed, often with oddball twists that manage to celebrate the honoree in a fun and respectful way.  I or one of my team of fine artists will produce a piece that you will be thrilled to present to the honoree!


Prices vary by the size of the group and by the amout of detail to be included.

If you're looking for an unusual gift to celebrate a great season  by  your favorite work team ,  give the members a surprise that they will take back to their homes or offices, as lasting mementos.  We will make as many finely-printed copies as needed, from our Studio-prepared original drawing.  Call or email us about a GROUP CARTOON PORTRAIT. Your group souvenir can be as simple or as cleverly intricate as you wish.  All inquiries handled discreetly...You send us the photos, we GUARANTEE the likenesses.

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Corporate Events, Company Picnics, College Programs, Weddings, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmations

CARICATURES LIVE! Adds an extra warm dimension to corporate, college and family-and-friends occasions: our artists are friendly and engaging; we interact with your guests and give them “warm fuzzies,” AND a great souvenir of your celebration! Jean and our other artists are experienced at drawing out the best of the people and the faces before us.

If your event is international in flavor, be sure to ask Jean to join you: she grew up in Europe, speaks several languages, travels frequently and approaches life and entertaining your guests from a world-wide view!

Jean’s Corporate Cartooning Team members create a strong professional presence—with showmanship, conversation, artistic style—and excellent drawings!  We have a combined total of more than 100 years  of caricaturing experience!  Individually or as a group, we will draw up a storm and delight your friends and associates, whether it’s Black Tie or “Company Picnic Casual,” we’re the right artists for your event!

Jeanne's Bio

   I’m an artist who really enjoys people.  And I enjoy drawing.  And I enjoy meeting people and drawing them.  Which makes drawing cartoon portraits and caricatures a perfect match for me! 






I opened my first studio           

in an old farmhouse in

the country... 






...But that old house was slated 

for demolition, to make way

for a new Interstate highway.

So I moved into town... 



I first set up shop in a small mid-19th century store front.  

That building, too, was demolished to make way for a

CVS drug store... (no photo currently to be found!)  






I once again relocated, this time to a large

turn-of-the-century storefront across town.

That building still stands, but... 





...I moved again, this time into a charming Victorian house with high ceilings, high windows, good light and a parlor stove.  I have been drawing and painting in my studio here for many years now...




My career has covered a range of activities in art and cartooning in the commercial and fine arts fields. I was a political cartoonist for a decade, I’ve  illustrated more than a dozen books and have drawn for numerous national magazines. I worked for many years as a commercial illustrator, when my clients included colleges, banks and regionally and nationally prominent businesses.  I also do fine watercolors of landscapes and old buildings, here in Pennsylvania and Europe.  


Caricaturing became my main focus in the late-1970s, first in my work as a political cartoonist, subsequently as I evolved into an artist/entertainer.

I endeavor to apply my experience, Spirit, my sense of humor, sensitivity and intensity to all my endeavors, with all of my audiences and with all the people I draw! 

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